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Contattaci qui.
Nell'e-mail, ti chiediamo di fornire il tuo numero d'ordine e l'indirizzo di spedizione corretto in modo da poter capire se possiamo cambiarlo.
Se il tuo ordine è già stato spedito, possiamo provare a chiedere di cambiare l'indirizzo.
Nel caso in cui il corriere non ci dia la possibilità di cambiarlo, purtroppo dovrai pagare per una nuova spedizione in quanto hai compilato il tuo indirizzo in modo errato.

Ogni richiesta sarà presa in considerazione entro 24 ore.
Servizio clienti (lun - ven, dalle 10.00 alle 18.00).

Each order is processed the next working day after the order and delivered within 1/2 working days.
You will find the shipping times in the description of each product, click here to see the shipping times for all our products available on the site.

We take these issues very seriously and will examine individual cases thoroughly.
In case of a damaged item, take at least 10 photos of the damaged product from different angles and email us as proof, along with the delivery order number so that we can take care of it.
In case of non-delivery we kindly ask you to provide us the tracking shipment in order to resolve the matter as soon as possible with the partner couriers.

If you have never received your product or information regarding the purchase/shipping/order confirmation we ask you to contact us here as soon as possible to understand what happened.
In the event of our mistake due to non-fulfillment of the product, we will send you the product as soon as possible or refund you.
In case of non-delivery notice or information relating to the order, we will re-send you what is requested.

Go directly to the returns and refunds page.

Following a return, if the refund amount is not what you expected, contact our customer service here, they will explain the refunded amount in detail and in case of an error on our part we will proceed to resolve it as soon as possible!

Once the order has been placed, this is definitive.
To change it we will have to cancel it and you will then have to make a new one.
In case this happens, contact us here.


If you don't find an answer, contact us here.

Have you checked that everything is ok?
Have you entered all the correct order details?
As always we give our chance to solve the problem as soon as possible: contact us here to check the tracking or if there were errors in the order.

When you place your order, we ask you to enter the data for shipping, we use those only and exclusively to send you the goods you have purchased.
Our service is really fast, click here for more information.

We know it's not that easy, but we also know that tracking doesn't need many interpreters.
It always updates you on the location and actual delivery date.
If you need to track your package directly with us, please contact us here.

If the courier is not at home at the time of delivery, he can call you at the number you indicated at the time of purchase.
Otherwise it will leave a delivery notice indicating the steps to be taken to make a second delivery.

Don't worry, you won't have to pay customs duties or import taxes for orders shipped to Italy or the rest of the European Union. We already bear the various costs and protect the customer 100% for any EU shipment.
Countries outside EU may be subject to customs duties and import taxes.

Our shipments are from Monday to Friday.
Shipping services is suspended on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Payments and Promotions

If you don't find an answer, contact us here.

Using the promotional code is really easy, enter it at checkout in the "Show order summary" section click the button next to it to activate it!
If it is an active code you will see, as the order progresses, that the price will be discounted based on the discount code entered!
If the discounts are already present on the site in the certain products considered, the promotional codes will not be valid.
Furthermore, they cannot be combined.

It takes very little steps:
- Click on the product you like
- Select the size
- Select the quantity
- Click "Add to Cart" or click "Buy Now" and it will take you directly to checkout
- Enter all your true shipping details
- Enter your payment information
- Confirm everything and your order has been done!

The payment is charged instantly if the card is authorized and you will consequently receive an order confirmation email. If the card does not obtain authorization, the payment will not be charged. There could be various reasons, check that you have the funds available or that there are no problems with your card. Should this persist, please contact us here.

Yes, you can purchase it here.

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We have few products that are continually supplied because we like to vary and because we want to keep up with the times or even anticipate them, always trying to give you new inspiration.
Our advice is that when you want to take a product and find it available, buy it immediately without thinking about it.

Absolutely yes, and it is very important to consult it in order not to make a mistake at the first try.
Each product on our site has its own personal size guide, just click the Size Guide button under the product description.

Under each product there is a detailed description.

All products on our site comply with all legal and moral requirements.

Products can certainly be damaged if they are not cared and washed well.
Many of our products are of particular quality and should be treated accordingly with greater care.
To prevent any product from damage, consult the washing instructions that you find in the product description.


If you don't find an answer, contact us here.

We will reply in a very short time if you contact us in the time slot of availability of our assistance: from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 18.00.
We want the customer to be followed in detail for any type of problem or request.
With us, your every purchase or doubt is always safe.
Click here for assistance.